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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Contract Terms

The following terms apply to all contracts issued:

• Charter parties/individuals must understand and agree that they are charged based on the duration and/or number of miles traveled and spent by motor coaches from when they leave our lot to when they return. If the number of miles or the duration of the trip exceeds the amount charter parties/individuals were invoiced for, then charter parties/individuals may receive an additional invoice.

• Charter parties/individuals are responsible for all additional costs related to their trip. These charges include parking fees, tolls, and admission and/or entrance fees for our motor coaches.

• Charter parties/individuals are responsible for accommodating stay for our driver(s) if the trip consists of one or more overnight stays.

• Baggage and all other personal property brought onboard motor coaches will be handled at the passengers’ own risk.

• Any damage to the motor coaches caused by charter parties/individuals will result in additional charges to charter parties/individuals who were invoiced earlier.

• Charter parties/individuals must submit a non-refundable deposit to reserve both a specific motor coach and a specific time slot for travel.

• Charter parties/individuals must pay the full amount of their invoiced balanced prior to any departure.

• The full balance of a charter trip is due fourteen (14) days before departure unless the booking occurred less than fourteen (14) days before departure. In the latter case, both deposit and the remainder of the balance must be submitted in full at the time of booking.

• The use of any device or substance that may produce smoke, harmful vapors, and unpleasant smells including but not limited to tobacco products, incense, and drug paraphernalia, is strictly prohibited in motor coaches at all times.

• Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted provided that charter parties/individuals submit a damage deposit/surcharge before departure and inform us that they plan to consume alcoholic drinks before departure.

• Charter parties may bring coolers with non-alcoholic beverages, food, portable electronic devices, and reasonably sized carry-on luggage at no extra charge. Employees of Charter Bus Service have the right to determine what constitutes as a reasonably sized carry-on item.

• Sometimes more than one driver may be needed to comply with US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (USDOT FMCSR), part 395. These regulations limit our drivers to ten (10) hours of continuous driving time. FMCSR regulations also limit our drivers to fifteen (15) hours of working time followed by 8 hours of consecutive off-duty periods within any 24-hour timeframe.

• Charter parties/individuals may cancel their trip at any time. If the trip is canceled prior to fourteen (14) days before departure, then all monetary funds except the deposit will be given back. If the trip is canceled less than fourteen (14) days before departure, then only 50% of total monetary funds will be refunded.

• There is a 25 USD service fee for all returned checks.

"Being new to this I did not expect to have such a great time or meet so many really fun and friendly people. I had a blast and the tour was amazing. I was particularly impressed with the flexibility of the whole trip."

– Michael, Starship Travel Club Member

"The entire trip was so much fun.. I loved the visit, the people and the crew of the Starship.. Sherri and Curt are the best.. They have experience and personality with group trips.. Their kindness and help are unbeatable...I had a great time.. Thank you, everyone..."

– Heidi, Starship Travel Club Member

"This trip went above and beyond all Starship meetups yesterday. Everybody that attended was so downright cool and fun to be with. One big family. Of course, Curt and Sherri planned the event very well and it was a smooth ride and I didn't have to do the driving."

– Sharon, Starship Travel Club Member