The Starship was honored to join independent schools in October for the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools (NCAIS) conference.
This year the conference was held at McKimmon Center in Raleigh with the theme, “Cultivating Community From Inside Out.” The keynote speaker was Dena Simmons, the Assistant Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, who discussed harnessing emotion to create a more compassionate and just society. Many of the sessions explored embracing volunteer opportunities connecting to a wider community within schools via clubs, service projects and organizations. During the conference, students had the opportunity to share their work with NCAIS educators.
It was wonderful to meet administrators and teachers from all over the state. We’ve always valued connecting with educators and students. Now that we’ve partnered with Kelly Tours, the leading student travel company in the Southeast, we’re excited to offer educators a more opportunities for broadening their students’ horizons through travel!
Title: US Whitewater Center Lights Up for the Holidays
You might not equate roaring rapids with well, Santa’s sleigh. However, this year, the US Whitewater Center is jumping in on the holiday festivities.
One of our most popular destinations for North Carolina group travel, we love taking groups of students and adults to the US Whitewater Center outside Charlotte. It’s a unique opportunity to brave the waves or participate in the other outdoors options like the ropes course or trails.
The Whitewater Center’s winter line-up includes ice skating and holiday lights! The ice skating rink will open at the end of November on the upper pond. This rink features 17,000 square feet of ice and there will be an Airstream serving hot and cold beverages.
They’ve also added a light installation for evening hikes along the trails. Local artist Meredith Connelly has designed a series of immersive light installations along a half-mile walking trail.
Consider calling us to book a magical holiday trip to the Whitewater Center!

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