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Driver Fatigue And What It Means To You

In contracting for bus service, you assume that the trip will be a safe one. You should. Bus transportation is the safest on the highway. However, analysis of serious highway accidents that do involve buses often point to driver fatigue as a major cause. Economic, consumer and scheduling demands often drive this problem; however, driver fatigue can produce deadly results. Studies prove that drivers who suffer from fatigue experience:

  • Reduced alertness to conditions around the vehicle
  • Distractions by irrelevant stimuli which interfere with their concentration
  • Lapses in attention
  • Slower reaction time in critical situations
  • Adverse effects on memory, reasoning, communicating, decision making and an increased number of operating errors

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has restrictions on how long a driver can operate a commercial vehicle. The “Hours of Service” rules are sensible guidelines for safe operation of the vehicle. Different rules apply to drivers operating in Canada and Mexico. The USDOT regulation 395.10 restricts a driver’s actual on-the-road time. The rule has three components:
10 HOUR RULE –  A driver cannot drive more than 10 hours following eight (8) consecutive hours off- duty (adverse conditions and emergency situations are exceptions).
15 HOUR RULE  – After 15 hours on-duty (driving and on-duty not driving) a driver cannot continue driving until eight (8) consecutive hours off-duty are taken. On-duty not driving includes time for pre-trip inspecting, meal times and delays.
70 HOUR RULE –  On-duty time cannot exceed 70 hours for any period of eight (8) consecutive days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Starship determine pricing for a trip?2019-12-12T18:47:23-05:00

A charter depends on several factors: the destination, the number of days, the time of year, and the passengers. Once you provide a travel specialist with this information, we can provide an estimate for your group.

If I have a trip in mind, what’s the first step?2019-12-12T18:46:30-05:00

Call our office to talk to one of our travel specialists! We’ll listen to your ideas, provide our feedback, and start to pull together an itinerary.

What if I have a passenger with a disability?2019-10-31T14:02:06-04:00

At Kelly Tours we encourage passengers with disabilities to travel with us and are here to meet the transportation needs of all passengers, with the respect and dignity which you deserve. We provide assistance with boarding and departing the bus, special handling and transferring of luggage, and the storage and retrieval of mobility devices. More online information for our disabled travelers will be posted soon. In the meantime, please call one of our friendly group travel specialists with any questions, concerns or to ensure we are able to meet your needs for an upcoming trip.

What happens if there are other unforeseen issues or problems?2019-10-31T14:00:57-04:00

While every effort is made to ensure your trip goes smoothly as planned, sometimes unforeseen issues may arise. If Kelly Tours has made arrangements for you, all issues with hotels, meals, programs, etc will be handled either by your Kelly Tours Escort traveling with you or by one of our 24/7 emergency staff.

What happens if there is an accident or emergency?2019-10-31T13:59:37-04:00

Should an accident or a physical emergency occur, contact 911 immediately. Our drivers have been trained in the steps to take in case of an accident and have accident reporting kits on board.

What Happens if a bus breaks down?2019-10-31T13:58:19-04:00

Our drivers have been trained in the steps to take in case of a breakdown or needed repair. On call managers are assigned on a 24/7 schedule to assist a group should a repair need or breakdown occur. Our motorcoach suppliers provide a 24/7 emergency call center to assist with technical problems, towing services, maintenance facilities and replacement equipment. Our membership in GMOA (Georgia Motorcoach Association) and ABA (American Bus Association) provides a nationwide network to enable Kelly Tours to replace a vehicle where ever one may be needed. Every effort will be made to ensure passengers safety, comfort and to incur the least possible impact on their itinerary.

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